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The world is becoming a highly volatile place. Violence and drug war across the streets have drastically increased over the last couple of years. With the easy availability of weapons, kidnappings and sabotage are on the rise. Often, celebrities to diplomats to government officials remain under threat. The only way to remain protected is to travel in bulletproof cars.

Many armored car manufacturing companies are coming up with bulletproof vehicles. Even though the making of the car is not so simple, it is not like that. If you are interested to know how a normal car can be transformed into a bulletproof vehicle, go through the rest of the blog.

Bulletproof Cars

Bulletproof cars can be defined as a car that can provide ultimate protection. Basically, the whole car is armored so that it can resist any kind of assault, such as grenade attack or gun shots. In order to armor a car properly, right from the door to the frames, engine and even the tires are made bulletproof.


Frames and Doors

The cars come with thick metal plating. The metal plates are strengthened so that it can withstand fire and corrosion. Barriers can be placed so that it can protect the occupants from assaults. Usually, doors are provided with layers of Kevlar, ballistic nylon, etc. It is designed in such a way that it looks like normal doors.

bulletproof cars



It is crucial to keep the engine of the vehicle protected. The vehicle should have the ability to drive under any circumstances. Hence, every part of the engine like the batteries, chassis needs to be bullet resistant.  However, enough horsepower can help the engine to withstand the huge weight of the bulletproof cars. Armoring can prevent bullets to enter the engine area and catch fire.

bulletproof cars


Interior and Exterior

The bumper of the car is bolstered so that it can get rid of the obstacles present in front of it. Under the hood, metal paneling and Kevlar is stacked. Ballistic sheets are used for the seats. Gun ports might be present in some cars. The padded interiors can avoid injuries during blast or collision.


If the tires get damaged, movement of the car might become difficult. Tires made of rubber are not bulletproof. In order to ensure the bulletproof cars keep moving after being attacked, is by installing a run-flat tire system. Horseshoe shapes are inserted between the wheel and tire wall. Even if the air pressure gets low, the car keeps on moving at a high speed as the weight of the car gets shifted to the device.

Window and Glass

In bulletproof vehicles, the area where the glass meets the frame needs to be bolstered. Thicker ballistic glass panes are inserted so that it can resist gunshots from rifle. Care is taken so that no bullets can pierce the glass. Usually, ballistic glass is made up by merging poly carbonate and ordinary glass.

One might need to travel in bulletproof cars, in order to safely pass through a high risk zone, or maybe you need to go through an area which is ridden with conflict. Whatever might be the situation, bulletproof vehicles can provide the best protection to the occupants at any point of time.

As the capital of Nova Scotia and the largest city in the Atlantic provinces, Halifax is the major centre of the Maritimes.  With its steep streets, stunning harbour, and the famous Citadel overlooking the city, Halifax is world-renowned for its beauty and character.  Visitors are treated to a city with a close connection to the sea, and Halifax thrives on its maritime history having one of the world’s largest natural harbours.  Halifax is also a gateway to the many of the other treasures that Nova Scotia has to offer.