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Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident While Driving in Toronto

According to the current statistics, car rental Toronto accidents decreased a lot globally, but the reports still show that the fatal injuries occurred by the car accidents are still considered as a big threat to public safety and health.

According to the 2016 reports of Ontario MTO (Ministry of Transportation), the latest information shows that around 483 people died in the city due to car accidents and over 49,601 people were badly injured.

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However, it is not possible to prevent or foresee an automotive collision, but if each individual follows the safety rules then there is a chance to reduce the accidents. Every individual must know the major safety rules so that it can reduce the chances of avoiding injuries in car accidents while driving car rental Toronto.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving through a heavy traffic or driving through the Downtown, you must follow the safety rules. Here you can find some tips for avoiding a car rental Toronto accident while driving in the city.

Avoid distractions:

OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) considers that the distracted driving is one of the major issues in a traffic collision, it says around 30% to50% of collision occur due to distractions.  You will be fined for distracted driving. The provincial police of Ontario specify that talking on cell phone is one of the major causes of distraction while driving and that is the reason the city banned talking on a cell phone while driving since 2009. Other distractions include grooming, eating, talking to passengers, and reading.

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Beware of blind spots:

Make sure to check the blind spots always before changing the lane or merging into the traffic.  Also, avoid driving on another vehicle’s blind spot; especially avoid the large vehicles such as a bus or a commercial truck.

Avoid driving when you feel sleepy:

A sleepy driver may get an impaired result and delayed reactions, also, the risk of falling drowsy behind the wheel. If you are feeling sleepy, then it is advisable to stop every 2hours when you are driving for long trips. Also, avoid driving if you took the medication that causes drowsiness, and the best advice do not use AC inside the car rental Toronto especially when you feel drowsy.

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Be street ready:

Most of the senior drivers drive safely and they like to maintain independence, and they try to follow the basic safety guidelines.   The rules that the senior drivers must follow includes, avoid night time driving, drive through only on familiar routes, and do not take specific medicines that can cause drowsiness before driving. Also, the teenagers must follow a set of guidelines while driving and they must follow the safety rules as well. Avoid drugs and alcohol while driving and stop driving fast, after all, it is your life that you putting into risk, not only that you will put others also into risk.

Forget the far left lane:

Always drive in the right or center lane when you are driving on the highway, this can help you escape easily if there is any sudden traffic wreck or backup. You must use the far left lane just for passing. Learn more information about driving a rental in Car in Toronto here!


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